Cape Cod Harvest Cup Tournament

Safety of all players is critical. Please review the following information.

Players with plaster casts or hard splints, even if padded, will not be allowed to play--even with the permission of a parent and/or medical approval.

Players with orthopedic braces that have exposed or uncapped metal parts will not be allowed to play.

No hats or headgear may be worn on the playing field during a game. Prescription eyeglasses will be allowed with a doctor’s note.

No hair clips, barrettes or other devices to hold hair with protruding parts will be allowed on the playing field during a game—only rubber bands or coated bands.

No jewelry except for medical alert bracelets or necklaces.  These must be taped down.

The Referee will inspect all rostered players for dangerous items prior to each game.  The Referee will not allow anything to be worn that does not conform to the above rules.  The Referee’s judgment will be final and coaches are expected to support the Referees to enforce the safety of all participants.
Medical Release form
and rosters must be in the coach’s possession at field registration and throughout the tournament.
Coaches are expected to keep players who have sustained injuries off the field.

FIFA Laws will apply with the following exceptions and additions:

1-Registration: All teams must register online prior to the tournament. Check-in will be held at the time and place posted on the tournament website ( harvestcup ). At check-in each team must present an approved team roster, pass cards and/or birth certificates, medical release forms and for out of state teams, the approved permission to travel form.

2 – Player eligibility/rosters/ejections
U10 rosters are capped at 15 players (playing a minimum of 4 games); U12 8 v 8 rosters are capped at 15 players; U12 11 v 11 rosters are capped at 18 players and U14 & U16 are capped at 20 players. All players and coaches must be USSF registered and have roster, passes or birth certificates presented at field check-in and available at each game for review. No player may play for more than one team. Once the tournament begins, no roster changes are permitted. Thirty minutes before game time the field coordinator or referee may verify players against an approved roster. Proof of age is determined by certified league roster. Any team using ineligible players (i.e. players not on the roster, players who have received a red card in a previous match, etc.) will be disqualified from the tournament. Any player who receives a red card shall not be eligible for his/her next match, including any play off games. At the discretion of the tournament director, a deliberate, serious foul or any violent conduct by a player may result in the ineligibility of that player for the remainder of the tournament.

3 – Start of match procedures
Before the start of every game, each coach will provide the referee with a team roster, indicating the team name and each player’s name. Teams must field at least 7 players within ten minutes of the scheduled start of the match or they forfeit. Winners of forfeited matches shall be credited with a 3-0 win. Coaches, substitute players and spectators are required to remain 2 yards behind the touch line. Teams will be on one side of the field and spectators must remain on the other side. Maximum of two coaches per team to remain within ten yards of the midfield line . Coaches will be responsible to insure that all of their players are equipped with shin guards and proper footwear. No jewelry or casts of any kind are allowed.

4- Ball size and game playing times (including championship play)
Ball Size: U10 & U12 use # 4 size balls. U14 & U16 use # 5 size balls.

Team listed first in each game is the home team and is responsible for wearing alternate colored jerseys (
pinneys acceptable) when and if required.

Game Length: Fifty minutes consisting of 25 minute halves with 5 minutes half-time rest. Referees are responsible for keeping time and may add additional time in consideration of injuries at their sole discretion. In no case may a game continue if it interferes with the next scheduled game start time.

Championship Playing Time will be as follows:
U12 (2) 25 minute halves
U14 & U16 (2) 30 Minute halves
5 – Substitutions
With the consent of the referee, unlimited substitutions are allowed. All substitutions must enter and leave the field at the half way mark and only after the referee signals to do so.  Substitutions are allowed on any throw-in. Ejected players cannot be substituted for.

If the Coach comes onto the field to tend to an injury the player injured has to go off the field. 

6 – End of match procedures At the end of each match, each coach shall verify and sign the referee’s official game report. The tournament field marshal may facilitate this process, but each team’s coach has the responsibility to meet the referee following each match and sign the official game report. Failure to do so will negate any grounds by a coach or team representative to protest for incorrectly posted scores.
7 - Determining division winners and wildcard teams.
The tournament will consist of two rounds including finals.
Teams will be awarded 3 points for a win and 1 point for a tie.
There will not be any overtime in round one.
Each team will play three games in round one.
In case of a tie in points the following criteria for tie breaking will be used:
      A. Result of head to head competition (if more than two teams are tied for points for play-off spot,   head to head will not be used, proceed to B).
      B. Teams with most wins
            C. Fewest goals against.
            D. Teams with most shut out victories
            E. Highest total goal differential-goals for/minus goals against to a maximum of 3 per game. 
            F. Knock out competition according to FIFA Penalty Kick procedure under the supervision of the                         Referee's Committee.
8 - Tie breaker procedures in playoff games
If tied at the conclusion of regulation time there will be one 10 minute sudden death (next goal wins) overtime period. If tied at the conclusion of the 10-minute overtime, the game will be decided by FIFA Penalty Kick competition. Only players on the field at the conclusion of the overtime will participate in the penalty kick process. If tied after 5 kicks, teams will continue taking alternate kicks. Each player including keeper must participate before any player is permitted to repeat.

9 - Suspended and terminated games
Fitness of playing conditions will be determined by the field marshal and referee. Preliminary games suspended because of weather or serious injury will be official if at least 20 minutes of playing time has elapsed. Any game stopped prior to the 20 minutes being played will be recorded as a 0-0 tie. Play off and championship games that have been delayed for more than 30 minutes for the above reasons may, with the consent of the referee and the field marshal, result in the termination of the game. In the event of a tie the winner will be determined as described in section 7 of the tournament rules. Every effort will be made to complete these games.

10 - Conduct
The Barnstable Youth Soccer Harvest Cup Tournament has been organized to promote healthy competition among players in the game of soccer. Players, coaches, managers and supporters are expected to conduct themselves within the spirit as well as the letter of the law. Coaches are reminded that they are responsible for the behavior of their players and supporters. The Tournament Committee reserves the right to disqualify any team from competition for gross misconduct on the part of the team’s players, coaches or supporters. Displays of temper, derogatory comments or gestures against opponents or referees may be cause for ejection from a game. Consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited on fields or in parking lots. Please familiarize yourself with our ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY.

11 - Protests
Protests must be communicated to the tournament director within (2) hours of the match in question. The tournament protest committee will decide all protests and their decision shall be final. Protests concerning judgment decisions by referees will not be permitted. Once a match has begun, protests may not be lodged because of an incorrect ball size. Coaches will be notified at registration of any rule change.
Dogs are not allowed on the playing fields

Each participating U10 team will play a minimum of 3 games in a round robin format.  Participation awards will be given to all players on U10 teams. 

Winners and runners‑up will receive individual trophies, in age groups U12, U14 and U16.
All players will receive a souvenir patch from the tournament.